Clear Thinking

General Semantics Class

I retired fifteen years ago from teaching high school English. For eighteen years I
taught a class called General Semantics. Both the students and I greatly enjoyed this
experience. I still hear from them today regarding their appreciation of that class. I
miss the exchanges of ideas that this class elicited. So, I plan to teach this class for a
third time in modified form beginning in January. I envision the class as an extended
conversation using the principles of General Semantics as the springboard. S. I.
Hayakawa defined G. S. as the “the study of the relationships among language, thought
and behavior.” I like to think of it as a study of the relationships among communication,
clear thinking and accurate behavior. I once taught this as an adult class at The
University of Evansville and enjoyed it immensely.
I would like the enrollment not to exceed eight people so that class size will be
conducive to conversing. The cost will be $50 per student with all proceeds accruing
to Lost River Market and Deli. We will collaborate regarding the schedule. If you think
you might be interested, please call me at 812-723-5877, or you may just sign up at the
store, including your email and phone number.

Jim Wootton

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Member Benefit Package

        Member Owners

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Supporting Membership

Friends of the Market Supporting Membership

Beautiful day at Lost River Market is an annual tiered membership that will earn you additional monthly discounts on groceries as well as other incentives.  This is for members who want to do more to support the long-term health of the Co-op.  For more information see our Supporting Membership Application

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Special Orders!

You can save grocery dollars when you place special orders at Lost River.

If you find yourself using a lot of a particular product consider buying in bulk or a case buy. This will get you 10% off your purchase and you don’t need to be a member to do it, however, membership will save you dollars in other ways. So no matter if it’s a 25lb bag of  Spelt Berries or a case of  Virgil’s Root Beer we want to help get what you want and save you money.

If you don’t see an item you want then ask if we can get it for you, chances are we can. You can place an order for that item which helps us help you.

Special orders do require 50% down at the time of ordering. Phone orders are accepted with a credit card.

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