Local Artisan Gallery

Attention Artisans

Lost River Market & Deli is hosting a local Artisan Gallery April 20 – May 31, 2015 to capitalize on the nearly 22,000 people coming to Orange County for the Senior PGA tournament.  Organizers, staffers, volunteers will all be arriving prior to the tournament.  Visitors will be wanting to see local attractions and will be interested in buying local products.

During this peak time display and sell your art and craft items here at Lost River.  We’ll promote the local gallery during this time in Sr. PGA materials and social media as well as regular Lost River Market & Deli advertising.

Get all the details here or contact us at 812.723.3735

Artisan sign up form

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March Art Exhibit

Lost River Market and Deli has opened its March art exhibit featuring Lawrence County artist, Phyllis Westfall. Westfall has hung 15 paintings in the art corner at Lost River, representing several years of her passion for painting.  Westfall’s paintings include landscape, still life and portraiture. They all look familiar to the art viewer because they include landscapes you know such as the gazebo at West Baden, Spring Mill in April, scenes in Brown County and Nashville.

To read more –  Phyllis Westfall

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Annual Meeting

Member – Owners

Participate in the cooperative principle -

Democratic Member Control, come to the Annual Meeting!

Sunday, March 29, 3:oo pm

Healing Arts Center  — Upstairs


Current board members will present information concerning the ongoing working capital campaign, and our 10 year plan.

The election for the 2015 Board of Directors will be held.

Door Prizes

Print out a ballot and vote!

2015 Board of Directors ballot

Drop in ballot box at Lost River Market & Deli


Mail signed ballot to:

Lost River Community Co-Op

PO Box 505

Paoli, IN 47454


Annual Meeting Specials at the Store for all Member-Owners!

Brunch $6.50 a plate 11 am – 3 pm

Shopping Spree for Members only, 10% off all purchases

After the Meeting – Free dessert bar!



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Brambleberry Farm Beef and Hall Heritage Hogs

brambleberry farm

Brambleberry Farm and Lost River Market and Deli have formed
a partnership to bring you more of their 100% grassfed beef,
raised right here in Paoli, at better-than-retail prices.


Brambleberry Farm’s  beef is 100% grassfed.  No grain or other supplements are used besides a free-choice mineral mix that includes kelp meal.   Grassfed meats are proven to be healthier to eat, especially the fat profile so you can feel great about eating fat in your grassfed meats!   Brambleberry does not use sub-therapeutic antibiotics, growth hormones, or chemical wormers in their beef production.  Their cattle are moved to fresh pasture every 1-3 days, and always have access to fresh spring or well water. Brambleberry’s highest priority is land improvement through proper grazing practices. By purchasing Brambleberry beef you are helping to maintain these practices.

 Hall Heritage Hogs from Orleans and Lost River Market and Deli have formed a partnership to bring you heritage hog meat grown locally at better-than-retail prices. 

Our hogs are raised on pasture when possible and supplemented with grain as needed.  They are hormone and antibiotic free.

Visit our Local Partnership page for to learn more!


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Supporting Membership

Friends of the Market Supporting Membership

Beautiful day at Lost River Market is an annual tiered membership that will earn you additional monthly discounts on groceries as well as other incentives.  This is for members who want to do more to support the long-term health of the Co-op.  For more information see our Supporting Membership Application

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Special Orders!

You can save grocery dollars when you place special orders at Lost River.

If you find yourself using a lot of a particular product consider buying in bulk or a case buy. This will get you 10% off your purchase and you don’t need to be a member to do it, however, membership will save you dollars in other ways. So no matter if it’s a 25lb bag of  Spelt Berries or a case of  Virgil’s Root Beer we want to help get what you want and save you money.

If you don’t see an item you want then ask if we can get it for you, chances are we can. You can place an order for that item which helps us help you.

Special orders do require 50% down at the time of ordering. Phone orders are accepted with a credit card.

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